The Kavumas

This Kavuma Life | The Kavumas | Jordan and Paul Kavuma
We are the Kavumas and these stories are about the people and places love.

Paul is from Uganda and Jordan is from America. We met while working for a non-profit in Uganda, East Africa. We were put on the same project team, and one 6 hour assignment later the ride to becoming The Kavumas started. After 6 months of dating, a long distance engagement, multiple 16 hour bus trips between Uganda and Kenya, visa interviews, delayed flights, welcome home parties, and a wedding that took place in the most beautiful backyard in Savannah, Georgia. 

We are currently living in a charming little apartment in the historical district in Louisville, KY. Because of our growing business, we sometimes feel as if we live at our studio. Other times we just have an itch to change the scenery. Our idea of a vacation though does not include a beach and a mai tai. Our pace is a bit more brisk and usually involves a road map or a passport. But when we are spending quiet nights by the fireplace (that we like to pretend still works), sipping African chai, and watching Blacklist and The Voice, we are happy. 

Currently it is just the two of us that make up The Kavumas. We are soaking up this time with just the two of us. We like to keep a faster pace while we can. And we might not even take a slower speed after we have little ones. They deserve the see the world as well, don’t they? 

Where you can find us. 

This is our corner of the internet where we share our stories, our travels, and our hearts. We are thrilled that you have found us, and we hope that you won’t be shy and introduce yourself! Most things that you read here are written by Jordan, but they are most likely inspired by Paul.

Instagram is by far our most favorite social media hang out. We like to post photos of our favorite places that we have seen and why they are special to us. Make sure you say hey so we can know who you are! 

We are still pretty fresh at being The Kavumas, but we love the groove that we have gotten into as of late, and the life that we are creating together. There are always new things to laugh at and experiences to share, and we hope that we can share them well with you.