Re-Entry Period After a Year Apart

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I have been in Uganda for almost 3 weeks now and I think that this time coming has been the most bizarre and unconventional trip I have ever taken. It started with the cray flight mishaps where my 18 hour flight turned into a 54 hour flight as well as my luggage going AWOL. The 3 airlines that I flew on have still (3 weeks later) not been able to locate the bag that contained all of my sewing supplies for Thistle & Thread, my clothing, toiletries, and a laptop and audio equipment sent over by a friend to give to his brother and sister here in Uganda. I really wish it was just peanut butter, coffee, and candy in that bag, but unfortunately it isn’t. But, Paul has been sweet to calm me down when I am ready to unleash a well organized attack against the major airline companies with the full intent to take them down so they can never operate again. 

But I digress. As frustrating and time consuming as the luggage situation has been, this time in Uganda has been just what my heart needed. I can’t even express what it’s like to be able to be with Paul again after a long year apart. It’s such a weird feeling because I almost feel like this last year was a dream that never happened and we have just always been able to hang out every day and travel to Kenya together and have dinner and see friends and enjoy each other. I am so thrilled that this is what the rest of my life is going to look like. 

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Early morning coffee dates. We are officially addicted to African Tea and plan on serving it to every person who comes to our home.

We have been busy busy since I arrived. Paul has quite the large family and we have many friends here that we are trying to see as well as finish up the paperwork for his visa as well as run around to replace my sewing supplies that are in my missing luggage so that I can get something done while I’m here, as well as just kick back and enjoy life together. But in all honesty, it hasn’t been a field of strawberries and butterfly kisses. It’s a shock when you go from functioning in a relationship thousands of miles apart to seeing each other almost every waking moment and trying to navigate all the things that have come up since I have been here. We have had a lot of stressful situations and let’s just say that it’s been interesting trying to understand the other and the way that they respond and how we work together. But, thankfully we are fast learners and I don’t dread trips into town anymore to try and find some obscure item because I know that it will be better than the last time and we won’t get into an argument in the middle of the sidewalk on which direction to go or who was supposed to bring the money. 

What we have learned in the last 18 days: 

  • Always get a receipt when you go to exchange money. 
  • Paul can eat the same food every day for a week. Jordan can’t. 
  • Jordan can’t make porridge, and shouldn’t try. It only results in a ruined breakfast a two grumpy, hungry people. 
  • Jordan shouldn’t assume that when Paul suggests a plan that it is the final plan. All things are up for change. 
  • Jordan doesn’t like to walk briskly through crowds of people, Paul is very good at it. 
  • When Jordan is hot and tired, Paul can buy her a milkshake and the clouds will part and angels descend, and she will jump up and be ready to go for another 4 hours. 
  • Paul makes better tea than Jordan. 
  • Paul hates it when he is trying to get something finished and Jordan wants a hug. But he willingly gives her one while he reaches around her back to finish whatever he was working on. 

I think that we still have a long way to go in our lessons. We are so excited though that our wedding is only 32 days away, and the lessons and adventures will continue to surprise and humble us. Right now as I am typing Paul is preparing our visa file that we will take to the Embassy in Kenya on the 14th. Yes, we have to go back again. This file is more like a book, and we have been a little obsessive in making sure that everything is where it is supposed to be. I am so thankful that he is just as OCD over things as I am. I don’t know if I could have gone through this with anyone else. But please remember us as we finish out this process and head back to the States on October 22nd, Lord willing.


By God’s grace, we are closer and more in love now than we were 2 years ago. I am so thankful for this guy and everything he brings to this relationship.

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