Petition Approved: Packing My Bags and Going East

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“The above petition has been approved.”

I read these words with so many feelings and thoughts in my heart. Petition Approved. Paul and I have been waiting to hear these words for seven months and four days now. Those seven months were filled with tears and confusion. Frustration with a government that I was convinced that was out to get us. Plan A, plan B, plan C, plan D….so on, so forth. We had become pretty confident and happy with our latest plan. I was preparing to move back over to Uganda, and we were going to have our wedding from there. We were going to live in a little house together, stumble through the beginnings of a lovely marriage, embrace our unknown life with courage and love. We were ready. We had our budget, our list of to-do’s, our shopping list, temporary jobs, friends and family beside us, then just like that those six words threw themselves before my frantic eyes. 

It was 2am in Uganda and my sweet Paul was fast asleep. Usually I can call him whenever I need to and he will answer, even when he is deep in sleep. This time was different. He had just finished a particularly rough day and that guy was knocked out. So when he finally woke up, at 4am, he was very nervous to learn the reason behind the 14 missed calls. I can be a bit excessive sometimes. 

As soon as I clued him in to the latest development in our visa journey, we immediately started trying to put the pieces together to figure out what had to be done next. But not until after we sat and laughed at how things happen. Of course we would get this letter the day after flights had been arranged and Ugandan wedding plans had been made. It only makes sense. It was a perfect reminder that Paul and I are most definitely not in control. We are just meant to submit, wait, trust, and follow. And that is what we are doing. 

These new plans are exciting and an answer to prayer. It was a prayer that we quit praying a few months ago, but I am just learning more and more about God and his plans and our joy in those plans. I will be going back to Uganda the beginning of September. I will happily  buy a one-way ticket and meet my sweet Paul in Uganda to finish the end of this process. We have his medical examination [Read: shots, lots of shots. Poor guy.] and his final visa interview standing between us and our flight home. It’s an easy road from here on out. We just have to prove that Paul is really Paul, which he is, and prove that we are still in love with each other, which we very much are.

After he has the visa interview he will be good to go and we will hop on a a plane back to the States and make our way to the altar to [finally] become husband and wife. We are not exactly sure when this is going to be. We would love to think that we will be back in the States around the middle of October, but the one-way ticket is being bought because as we have learned these last 7 months of this visa process, things change. 

For those of you who would like to know how you can help us through this final leg of our process, there are some very helpful and practical ways:

— Please pray that we can be patient and wise during this time. Pray that we can love our family and friends in Uganda well as we spend time with them before we move back to the States. This has been a long journey and we have had support from many people so we want to show them the same love they have shown us. 

— Pray that we can quickly get a visa appointment with the embassy in Kenya and that our travels and stay in Kenya will be protected and we will only be met with safety and kindness. 

— I am working hard to stock my Etsy shop, Thistle & Thread Design, and all sales during this time will go towards covering our last visa fees and my living expenses while I stay in Uganda until we can come back to the States. I am happy to take custom orders until August 31st, after that all orders will have to be items that are already in stock in the shop. Your support during this time is huge and I am very thankful that although I will not be working for 2-3 months, I still have this way to provide for different needs through the end of this part of our journey. 

We are thrilled and I can’t wait to continue updating while I am in Uganda. Hurry up September! 


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  1. Emily Margaret August 8, 2015

    Praise the Good Lord Baby Jesus!!!! Thought. This. Day. Would. Never. Come.


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